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Please send these requests to Janice Dixon at so she can update them in our system.

If you have exhibited in the past and you already have an account, log onto and click “Apply to Exhibit” then “Start new Application.” Select Atlanta Apparel then choose the Market(s) you want to attend.

If you are new and would like to apply, please reach out to Madison Stephens at

Log onto the Exhibitor Portal and select the “Get Badges” icon. Add in the names for anyone who will enter the building or your booth during market. You will pick up your badges at Building 3 Registration, located in the lobby.

Exhibitor Portal

The Digital Showroom is a complimentary platform that allows you to update product and lifestyle imagery, logos, and contact information for your brand(s) for all website and app viewers and attendees. Keeping this up to date is very important for your brand image and success at our market. Our website receives thousands of views each month and product information is highly searchable, so adding your line and product details here is the best way to maximize your exposure to buyers.

Exhibitor Portal

Permanent Showroom owners and employees may request guest/courtesy badges from registration for access exclusive to the building where their showroom is located. These badges are only valid for the day requested, and if possible, we would prefer 24 hours notice for requests. These passes must be entered in the exhibitor portal. Please contact Customer Relations at 404-220-3000 for assistance with your log-in information.

Exhibitor Portal

Please note that there are no guests allowed during Gift/Home Markets and Cash & Carry Markets.

Children under 12 are not allowed unless they are children of the showroom owner or an employee of the showroom. Children of showroom owners or employees are required to wear their courtesy badges while in the buildings.

You can only request a courtesy pass for the building where your showroom is located.

An individual who represents one or more product lines in one or more showrooms. This category is for independent sales/line/manufacturers reps only. Employees of an exhibitor should not register in this category. Each representative must provide a personalized business card and photo ID. Representatives must contact at least one of their exhibitors (in advance, before each market) to request that the exhibitor enter the badge request through the exhibitor portal. No representative badges will be printed without prior authorization from an exhibitor. Representatives are not permitted to bring guests or children.

Your company name and booth number will be listed on our website, Buyer’s Guide and/or supplement listing, and show signage. Deadlines apply to all of these, please speak to your sales manager for additional details. The exhibitor is responsible for updating their line information and line name listing(s) on the Exhibitor Portal.

Exhibitor Portal

Visit our Market Dates page for upcoming shows. Hours will be posted next to the show dates as soon as they are available.

Market Dates