A variety of affordable parking options at designated downtown lots are available for buyers attending Market. These options are the lowest cost in the area. Spaces are limited, available on a per-day basis during designated hours, and no overnight parking allowed.

New Parking Equipment Info for Daily Parkers

AmericasMart’s new Reef Parking system in the Building 2 and Building 3 decks is ticketless and uses License Plate Recognition technology which will take a picture of your license plate, time stamp the time of entry, and then the entry gate will raise.

There are 4 different ways that you can pay for your parking on a daily basis.

1. Pay at Kiosk: There are two kiosks in each garage. The kiosk will prompt you to enter your license plate and follow the directions to pay for the daily charge, which is based on the time that you entered the garage. Once payment is complete, proceed to exit and the gate will raise.

  • In Building 2, the kiosks are located on A level. The left kiosk accepts both cash and credit card, while the right kiosk is credit card only.
  • In Building 3, you will find one kiosk on each level of the garage near the elevators. The kiosk on level B accepts both cash and credit card.

2. AutoPay: Visit to set up an account to easily enter and exit the facility on a daily basis without having to re-enter your license plate or payment info. Notifications will be sent to your phone upon entry and exit.

3. Pay By Web: Visit for one-time transactions

4. Pay at Gate: This is credit card only


Reserved Parking

Parking at Market can be easy, convenient and flexible. Before you arrive, plan and pay for your Market parking in nearby garages. You can ensure guaranteed parking with multiple date and lot options.




Select showrooms are open daily at Atlanta Apparel between markets, including Floor 6 for fine jewelry and Floor 7 for Cash & Carry accessories and apparel.

→ Exhibitors + Buyers: A one-time credentialing for the business and each buyer/designer is required

→ Guests: Buyers may bring up to two (2) guests per company. Valid photo ID required. Guest fees may apply for certain Atlanta Market and Immediate Delivery markets.

→ Media: contact Chelsea Peabody Bohannon | in advance and provide editorial credentials

→ Exhibitors, including their staff, representatives, models, suppliers and guests use the Atlanta Apparel Exhibitor Portal to register at

→ Non-credentialed visitors are permitted to shop Floors 6 and 7 in Building 3 between markets; visitors can show a valid photo ID at the registration desk in Building 3 to receive a day pass.

All attendees must check-in onsite at a registration location and present valid, government issued photo id to receive a badge, along with any required business or employee credentials not previously provided.

Business Credentials PLUS Individual Designer/Buyer Credentials:

Business Credentials – one or more may be required; certain exceptions may be made. - Current retail business license or resale tax certificate or business registration or VAT certificate - Proof of operational business website (for retailers and distributors, the website should include products for sale and/or store locations) - Current invoices for wholesale purchases totaling $1,000 or more - For architects, landscape architects, designers, home stagers, contract/hospitality, film production, and event planners only: state license/certification or professional membership affiliation

Individual Designer or Buyer Credentials: personalized business card, personalized company credit card or recent pay stub

Atlanta Apparel Markets are open to select professionals.

→ Exhibitors + Buyers: A one-time credentialing for the business and each buyer/designer is required, then register online for each Market (2 guests per company)

→ Guests: Buyers may bring up to two (2) guests per company. Valid photo ID required. Guest fees may apply for certain Atlanta Market and Immediate Delivery markets.

→ Media: register online for each Market and provide valid editorial credentials

→ Exhibitors, including their staff, representatives, models, suppliers and guests Use the Atlanta Apparel Exhibitor Portal to register.

Exhibitor Portal

→ Representatives, with the authorization of an exhibitor and a business card

→ Suppliers of professional services to exhibitors, with the authorization an exhibitor and a business card

→ Non-exhibiting Manufacturers, with an Atlanta Apparel sales appointment, product catalog and business card

→ Invitation-Only Guests

By registering, you agree to receive a confirmation and communication from AmericasMart and affiliated partners by direct mail, fax, email, or phone. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy. Management reserves the right to permanently expel anyone disregarding said policies.

Privacy Policy

Buyers are allowed to bring rolling briefcases and rolling laptop cases smaller than 12” (H) x 16” (W) x 5” (D). Rolling carts and luggage larger than the cases described above will need to be left at Luggage Check stations conveniently located throughout our campus. Please note these restrictions do not apply to exhibitors. To help keep everyone moving, please pick up your rolling briefcases on escalators. These policies will be in effect at all times with the exception of Cash & Carry Markets and Market Wednesdays. Strollers are NOT allowed.

→ All photography in or of showrooms and on all exhibit hall floors is strictly prohibited without the express permission of each affected exhibitor.

→ Entry onto AmericasMart property constitutes the consent of the entrant to Atlanta Apparel’s use and distribution of the entrant’s photographic or video image without compensation to the entrant.

→ To request Atlanta Apparel images and logos, please contact International Market Center’s Public Relations Manager, Chelsea Peabody:

With the exception of seeing-eye and service dogs, pets are prohibited from the exhibit halls unless permission is obtained from show management in advance.

Children of buyers and designers, ages 12 to 17, are permitted as guests with proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, school identification, passport, etc.) Children under 12 years of age are strongly discouraged from attending Atlanta Apparel. A waiver will be required for anyone under 12 and the accompanying adult will receive a sticker affixed to their badge upon signing the child waiver. Infants under the age of one year will be permitted admission, but must be carried in a baby carrier or sling; no strollers are permitted. See our Admissions Policy for details.

Admissions Policy

There are food vendors on floors 1-5, 7, and 11. Download the Atlanta Apparel app to view the dining guide displaying food vendors in the building. Peachtree Center is a block away from show site and offers various dining options in a food court fashion.

Dining Guide

Aramark, Atlanta Apparel’s preferred food and beverage provider, offers catering services for your booth. You may order food and beverages from CaterTrax or by calling 404.220.2258.

Atlanta Apparel has 24-hour security guards stationed on each floor and throughout the building during designated market times. We recommend covering your booth with a cloth or plastic drape at night before you leave market. A booth safe can be rented through OneView if you would like a place to store more valuable items during market or each night.

Visit our Market Dates page for upcoming shows. Hours will be posted next to the show dates as soon as they are available.

Market Dates