A variety of affordable parking options at designated downtown lots are available for buyers attending Market. These options are the lowest cost in the area. Spaces are limited, available on a per-day basis during designated hours, and no overnight parking allowed.

New Parking Equipment Info for Daily Parkers

AmericasMart’s new Reef Parking system in the Building 2 and Building 3 decks is ticketless and uses License Plate Recognition technology which will take a picture of your license plate, time stamp the time of entry, and then the entry gate will raise.

There are 4 different ways that you can pay for your parking on a daily basis.

1. Pay at Kiosk: There are two kiosks in each garage. The kiosk will prompt you to enter your license plate and follow the directions to pay for the daily charge, which is based on the time that you entered the garage. Once payment is complete, proceed to exit and the gate will raise.

  • In Building 2, the kiosks are located on A level. The left kiosk accepts both cash and credit card, while the right kiosk is credit card only.
  • In Building 3, you will find one kiosk on each level of the garage near the elevators. The kiosk on level B accepts both cash and credit card.

2. AutoPay: Visit to set up an account to easily enter and exit the facility on a daily basis without having to re-enter your license plate or payment info. Notifications will be sent to your phone upon entry and exit.

3. Pay By Web: Visit for one-time transactions

4. Pay at Gate: This is credit card only


Reserved Parking

Parking at Market can be easy, convenient and flexible. Before you arrive, plan and pay for your Market parking in nearby garages. You can ensure guaranteed parking with multiple date and lot options.