Showrooms at Atlanta Apparel

Atlanta Apparel is proud to be the only market on the East Coast with permanent, year-round showrooms. Merchandised by category and studded with premier brands, these floors offer exhibitors the ability to meet with buyers in an intimate, comfortable setting and to merchandise product lines in a truly customized setting.

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Atlanta Apparel Markets are open to select professionals.

→ Exhibitors + Buyers: A one-time credentialing for the business and each buyer/designer is required, then register online for each Market (2 guests per company)

→ Guests: A maximum of (2) two guests per company is allowed. Guest badges are $50.00 during Gift/Home and Cash & Carry markets are nonrefundable. Valid photo ID required.

→ Media: register online for each Market and provide valid editorial credentials

→ Exhibitors, including their staff, representatives, models, suppliers and guests Use the Atlanta Apparel Exhibitor Portal to register.

Exhibitor Portal

→ Representatives, with the authorization of an exhibitor and a business card

→ Suppliers of professional services to exhibitors, with the authorization an exhibitor and a business card

→ Non-exhibiting Manufacturers, with an Atlanta Apparel sales appointment, product catalog and business card

→ Invitation-Only Guests

Except for Service Animals (as that term is used in the Americans with Disabilities Act), buyers and exhibitors are not permitted to bring animals of any kind onto the AmericasMart campus.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited in AmericasMart buildings including, without limitation, the parking garages and stairwells. Designated smoking areas can be found outside each building.

Please send these requests to Janice Dixon at jdixon@andmore.com so she can update them in our system.

The Digital Showroom is a complimentary platform that allows you to update product and lifestyle imagery, logos, and contact information for your brand(s) for all website and app viewers and attendees. Keeping this up to date is very important for your brand image and success at our market. Our website receives thousands of views each month and product information is highly searchable, so adding your line and product details here is the best way to maximize your exposure to buyers.

Exhibitor Portal

Permanent Showroom owners and employees may request guest/courtesy badges from registration for access exclusive to the building where their showroom is located. These badges are only valid for the day requested, and if possible, we would prefer 24 hours notice for requests. These passes must be entered in the exhibitor portal. Please use our Registration Help Desk for assistance with your log-in information.

Exhibitor Portal

Please note that there are no guests allowed during Gift/Home Markets and Cash & Carry Markets.

Children under 12 are not allowed unless they are children of the showroom owner or an employee of the showroom. Children of showroom owners or employees are required to wear their courtesy badges while in the buildings.

You can only request a courtesy pass for the building where your showroom is located.

Manufacturers reps who are new to Market and represent a product not currently shown at Atlanta Apparel must present a photo ID, along with photos of their product or a catalog, plus a business card. In January and July, there is a designated registration desk on Floor 1 of Building 1. Non-Exhibiting Manufacturers are not permitted entrance to area rug shows without permission of leasing. Solicitation of product and product samples and taking photographs are not permitted.

Upon execution of your lease, you may obtain a permanent Atlanta Apparel badge through the Operations office. A valid photo ID is required. Exhibitor Photo ID badges are issued by Atlanta Apparel only to employees of leaseholders, and only upon the specific request of an authorized officer of the leaseholder. Requests for Photo ID badges must be in writing, either on an Atlanta Apparel Badge Request form or on the leaseholder’s company letterhead.

The Photo ID Office is located in the AmericasMart Operations Center, 220 Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street), next to Building 2 (the Gift Building). Hours are extended during Markets. Please contact the administrator at 404.220.3076 for further details.

An individual who represents one or more product lines in one or more showrooms. This category is for independent sales/line/manufacturers reps only. Employees of an exhibitor should not register in this category. Each representative must provide a personalized business card and photo ID. Representatives must contact at least one of their exhibitors (in advance, before each market) to request that the exhibitor enter the badge request through the exhibitor portal. No representative badges will be printed without prior authorization from an exhibitor. Representatives are not permitted to bring guests or children.

An individual who provides professional services. This includes equipment/computer/technology services and financial services. Each supplier must provide:

1. A personalized business card

2. Photo ID. Requests must be made (each market) in advance by the exhibitor with whom the supplier is doing business.

Suppliers are not permitted to bring guests or children.

NO. In keeping with the wholesale nature of the show, the sale of samples/product during Market is expressly prohibited. See Exhibitor Rules & Regulations.

I.D. badges may be obtained from the Operations Department, located on Ted Turner Drive (formerly Spring Street) next to the AmericasMart Building 2 parking garage. To make an appointment or for help, please contact 404.220.3076. Operations is open weekdays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. You must have required paperwork in-hand or fax it to 404.220.2597 before 4 p.m. one day prior to your scheduled appointment.

Photo I.D. Requirements: Temporary employees such as designers, manufacturer’s representatives, market employees with a temporary market badge and family members DO NOT qualify for a photo I.D. and must obtain a badge through registration to gain entry. NOTE: Business cards are not considered authorization from a showroom owner/manager.

Showroom personnel may receive photo I.D.s if ONE or more of the following is met:

1. Maintain key authorization with property management. A copy of your showroom’s key authorization list with your name on it is required. Contact the property management office for your building (located in the loading dock) or call: AmericasMart 1 (404.220.2340), AmericasMart 2 (404.220.2590), or AmericasMart 3 (404.220.2880).

2. Work in the showroom every day on a permanent, daily basis. Those who do not have key authorization but work in a showroom daily will need a signed and dated letter on company letterhead.

3. Showroom owners, presidents, or managers may present either key authorization or the first and signature page of their current lease.

4. If you are an owner or president and do not live in Atlanta, but would like to obtain a photo I.D., send the company’s key authorization list with your name on it to the address below. Showroom managers may send a key authorization or a letter on company letterhead signed by the owner or president.

Mail to: ANDMORE Attn: Photo ID Administrator 240 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 2200 Atlanta, GA 30303

Operations must receive all appropriate paperwork before a photo I.D. will be issued. For assistance or more information, please call 404.220.3076 or 404.220.2570.

Solicitation is not permitted in AmericasMart Atlanta. If solicitors enter your showroom, please notify security immediately at 404.220.2553.

If suspicious or undesirable persons are seen loitering in or around your showroom area, please notify security immediately at 404.220.2553.

NOTE: All personnel should have an I.D. badge. Feel free to request to see anyone’s badge you think is suspicious. Security is everyone’s business—help us help you.

For all questions concerning your bill, please contact our hotline at 404.220.3090.

Showrooms are not permitted to sub-lease space to other brands during market per their ANDMORE lease terms. Showrooms that violate this policy will be penalized as per the terms of the lease. Brands/lines wishing to have space in a showroom may contact Katei Fallucco directly for their own showroom at kfalluco@andmore.com or Madison Stephens at mstephens@andmore.com for a temporary exhibiting space. You may also contact showrooms directly to represent your collection.

Contact a Property Management representative for Building 3 at 404.220.2880.

Call a Representative

If you have a permanent I.D. badge, you may enter your showroom at your convenience. However, from 7:00 p.m. — 7:00 a.m. you must enter through security, located on the loading dock of each building. Showroom personnel that enter after-hours are required to sign-in and out with security. If you need an escort to your car, please let security know when you sign-out for the night.

NOTE: Showrooms left unattended should be locked. In case of a break-in, theft or emergency, call security at 404.220.2553. Showroom security evaluations are available by contacting security.

Call Security

Contact a Property Management representative for Building 3 at 404.220.2880.

Call a Representative

Heating and air conditioning are provided weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. and as needed during markets and other events. Prior to markets, A/C hours will be expanded to accommodate set-up activity. There is a charge for heating and A/C requests beyond the normal operating periods. For any issues, contact a Property Management representative for Building 3 at 404.220.2880.

Call a Representative

Contact a Property Management representative for Building 3 at 404.220.2880.

Call a Representative

Security/Emergency (All Buildings, 24 hours/day): 404.220.2553

Call Security

First Aid (All Buildings): 404.220.2554

Call First Aid

Security Headquarters: 404.220.2553

Call Security Headquarters

Your Company Name

Your Showroom Number (Floor # - Showroom #)

For: Atlanta Apparel Market

AmericasMart/Building 3

75 John Portman Boulevard NW

Atlanta, GA 30303

Please refer to the Markets Dates and contact the AmericasMart Logistics Office at logistics@americasmart.com or at 877.588.8930 for shipping deadlines.

Email AmericasMart Logistics Office

AmericasMart® Logistics Address: 4361 International Parkway, Hapeville, GA 30354

Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 877.588.8930

After hours pickup & delivery: No

Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Location: On-Site

Method of payment: Credit Card

USPS Address: 240 Peachtree Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Enter using escalator on Peachtree St., attached to AmericasMart 1 and across from Hotel Indigo.

Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.ASK.USPS

After hours pickup & delivery: No

Hours of operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Closed Sat-Sun

Location: Bottom level of AmericasMart

Method of payment: Credit Card

DHL: Not on Site - Call to Schedule Pick-up

Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.225.5345

After hours pickup & delivery: No

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Location: Not On-Site

Method of payment: Credit Card


UPS: Not on Site - Call to Schedule Pick-up

Schedule pick-up, check on delivery or for package tracking: 800.833.9943

After hours pickup & delivery: Yes!

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Location: Not On-Site

Method of payment: Credit Card

There are food vendors on floors 1-5, 7, and 11. Peachtree Center is a block away from show site and offers various dining options in a food court fashion.

Dining Guide

Aramark, Atlanta Apparel’s preferred food and beverage provider, offers catering services for your booth. You may order food and beverages from CaterTrax or by calling 404.220.2258.

Visit our Market Dates page for upcoming shows. Hours will be posted next to the show dates as soon as they are available.

Market Dates