Temporary Exhibits at Atlanta Apparel


Atlanta Apparel’s temporary exhibits are richly merchandised across four diverse floors in Building 3, and children’s temporaries are specifically showcased alongside children’s showrooms on floor 13. Designed for easy navigation and exploration, the temporary exhibits allow buyers to discover new vendors and easily find their established favorites. Visit any of our five annual shows and it’s easy to see why Trade Show News Network consistently recognizes Atlanta Apparel as one of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Shows.

Buyer Snapshot

+ Largest concentration from the Southeast core six states but over 75% of US states are represented at Market
+ International buyers from Canada, Caribbean, and Central America
+ Independent retailers with one location or multiple doors, plus national franchises

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Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited in AmericasMart buildings including, without limitation, the parking garages and stairwells. Designated smoking areas can be found outside each building.

If you have exhibited in the past and you already have an account, log onto exhibitors.imcenters.com and click “Apply to Exhibit” then “Start new Application.” Select Atlanta Apparel then choose the Market(s) you want to attend.

If you are new and would like to apply, please reach out to Madison Stephens at mstephens@imcenters.com.

Apply to Exhibit

Authorized part-time or temporary showroom employees will be issued temporary exhibitor passes by Buyer Registration only upon request of the showroom owner. Temporary exhibitor passes are issued only for a particular market/show or other special need. Please help us control access by retrieving these badges from your personnel when access is no longer required.

NO. In keeping with the wholesale nature of the show, the sale of samples/product during Market is expressly prohibited. See Exhibitor Rules & Regulations.

Yes, you have the option to bring a custom booth. However, you must request approval by your sales manager. Refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual in OneView for further details on restrictions and prices on booth customization.

Yes, you may serve alcohol in your booth through Aramark Corporation, who holds the liquor license to serve alcohol on IMC/Atlanta Apparel property. Exhibitors on temporary floors cannot lawfully serve alcohol that is not purchased through Aramark. You may order alcohol for your booth from CaterTrax or by calling 404.220.2258.

Specific categories include spot lighting in your booth package, please ask your sales manager to confirm the details for your category. The building includes ample fluorescent lighting; however, exhibitors have the option to order spotlights through the Exhibitor Portal or on show site at the Service Desk or to bring their own lights. If you bring your own lights, please reference the ESM for guidelines.

Exhibitor Portal

Showrooms are not permitted to sub-lease space to other brands during market per their IMC lease terms. Showrooms that violate this policy will be penalized as per the terms of the lease. Brands/lines wishing to have space in a showroom may contact Katie Fallucco directly for their own showroom at kfalluco@imcenters.com or Madison Stephens at mstephens@imcenters.com for a temporary exhibiting space. You may also contact showrooms directly to represent your collection.

You will work closely with your sales manager to select a booth within the category of your choosing. Your booth number is listed on your invoice, and you may also reach out directly to your sales manager if you need additional confirmation.

The format for your booth number is as follows: Building 3 – Floor # - Booth Number. For example, if you are exhibiting in Building 3, on Floor 2, Booth 100, you would represent your booth number as 3-2-100.

No, your booth does not come with electricity. Exhibitors have the option to order electrical outlets through the Exhibitor Portal or on show site at the Service Desk.

Exhibitor Portal

Floor 1: The maximum height limitation for all Premiere 1st floor booths is 8 feet.

Floor 2: The maximum height limitation for all Premiere 2nd floor booths is 7 feet.

Floors 3, 4, & 5: Majority of the booth locations have a height limit of 8 Ft. Check with your sales manager if you are in a lower ceiling area (7Ft.) as your drape/hardwall may be a different size.

Floors 3 & 4 Side Walls: Booth side walls are set at 3 Ft. high and exhibitor product cannot exceed 5 Ft. high or block neighboring sight-lines.

Booth packages vary by category and include a mix of walls (paneled hard walls or pipe and draped walls), tables (various heights and styles by category), and chairs.

You have the option to bring additional furniture or décor of your choice, if it meets our height restriction(s). Please view the Exhibitor Service Manual on the Exhibitor Portal for more details, or see question #6.

You may view booth package specifics and/or order additional furnishings from our decorator, Fern through OneView.

Exhibitor Portal

*Note you must have an assigned booth space to order a booth package.

Your sales manager and show director will be visible on show site and can help you during market. Anyone with an IMC badge is more than happy to assist you, should you have any questions. For emergencies, please contact 404.220.2553.

Yes, you can make changes to your booth on-site, however typically a higher service fee will be incurred. We recommend placing booth orders online in advance by the discount deadline. You may place your online orders on the Exhibitor Portal for electrical services, or OneView for booth furnishings.

Exhibitor Portal

We recommend you take advantage of free marketing options such as providing detailed information in your Exhibitor Portal, which is searchable through our website and used for onsite buyer publications. Paid sponsorship and advertising options are also available to amplify awareness of your booth, but even without these tactics, Atlanta Apparel Markets host the largest concentration of independent retailers from the Southeast core six states, and over 75% of US states are represented at Market. We also see international buyers from Canada, the Caribbean, and Central America. Visit any of our five annual shows and it’s easy to see why Trade Show News Network consistently recognizes Atlanta Apparel as one of the Top 25 Fastest-Growing Shows.

Exhibitor Portal

We strongly encourage you to prepare for market by researching East Coast retailers and reaching out to them invite them to your booth during market. Advertise on your business website and social platforms that you will be here at market and set appointments.

After you apply to exhibit, you may submit imagery to our marketing team for potential usage. While we cannot guarantee that all imagery will be used, we frequently spotlight exhibitors as a part of our Market campaigns. Please reach out to your sales manager for additional information.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

The new brands are listed on each Market’s landing page and on various signage at market. Deadlines and restrictions apply.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Your company name and booth number will be listed on our website, the Atlanta Apparel app, Buyer’s Guide and/or supplement listing, and show signage. Deadlines apply to all of these, please speak to your sales manager for additional details. The exhibitor is responsible for updating their line information and line name listing(s) on the Exhibitor Portal.

Exhibitor Portal

Yes, you have the option to use alternative cards to make your booth payments. All payments are made through the Exhibitor Portal. Reach out to Janice Dixon for specific payment questions at

Exhibitor Portal

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks* and wire transfers*. All outstanding balances must be paid in full to enter market.

*Note: checks and wire transfers must be submitted before the final payment deadline to be processed in time for market

Booth cost varies by category. Reach out to Avery Lamb at alamb@imcenters.com.

Discuss Booth Options

Security/Emergency (All Buildings, 24 hours/day): 404.220.2553

Call Security

First Aid (All Buildings): 404.220.2554

Call First Aid

Security Headquarters: 404.220.2553

Call Security Headquarters

Please refer to the Markets Dates and contact the AmericasMart Logistics Office at logistics@americasmart.com or at 877.588.8930 for shipping deadlines.

Email AmericasMart Logistics Office

Not at this time. Please be sure to keep a record of all tracking numbers and shipping information.

AmericasMart Logistics is the official transportation carrier for Atlanta Apparel. As the official carrier, exhibitors are entitled to waived drayage fees for shipments managed by AmericasMart Logistics.

Refer to the Exhibitor Service Manual in the Exhibitor Portal for additional details.

Exhibitor Portal

Privately Owned Vehicles (POV’s) are currently complementary to our exhibitors. (Load-in & Load-out). Staff is provided to get your product from the loading dock to your booth. A “Load” is defined as any single pallet, crate or cart load that is moved into the facility. The carts utilized are 2.5 feet wide by 5 feet long and can be stacked up to 4 feet tall. All exhibitors moving in/out via POV must schedule a dock appointment online: AmericasMart Shipping Request & Dock Appointments.

Shipping Requests and Dock Appointments

Yes, AmericasMart Logistics offers storage between markets. You may contact Novette Powell for more info at npowell@imcenters.com.

The official set-up days are the 2 days before the first day of market. Please reach out to your sales manager if you have special set-up needs and require more time.

Children of buyers and designers, ages 12 to 17, are permitted as guests with proof of age (e.g. birth certificate, school identification, passport, etc.) Children under 12 years of age are strongly discouraged from attending Atlanta Apparel. A waiver will be required for anyone under 12 and the accompanying adult will receive a sticker affixed to their badge upon signing the child waiver. Infants under the age of one year will be permitted admission, but must be carried in a baby carrier or sling. Buyers must sign a waiver in order to bring strollers to apparel markets. See our Admissions Policy for details.

Admissions Policy

There are food vendors on floors 1-5, 7, and 11. Download the Atlanta Apparel app to view the dining guide displaying food vendors in the building. Peachtree Center is a block away from show site and offers various dining options in a food court fashion.

Dining Guide

Aramark, Atlanta Apparel’s preferred food and beverage provider, offers catering services for your booth. You may order food and beverages from CaterTrax or by calling 404.220.2258.

Visit our Market Dates page for upcoming shows. Hours will be posted next to the show dates as soon as they are available.

Market Dates